NumberNameInitiation DateJump TypeAircraftDrop Zone
6519 Julian Fessard 5/28/18 9way caravan Byron
6520 Christy Patterson 7/21/18 5way Hot Dog exit TO Skydive Pepperell
6521 Rich Brilliant 10/26/18 2way Pornstar exit with Christy Patterson #6520 TO Pepperell
6528 Larry Foster 10way otter Lost Prairie
6529 Jeremy Weintraub 10way otter Lost Prairie
6530 Curtis Langwell 10way otter Lost Prairie
6531 Jerry Fischer 9way otter lost prairie
6532 Scott Dupuis 8way otter lost prairie
6533 Joey Larham 6way otter lost prairie
6534 Brittany Eisenzimer 6way otter lost prairie